Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Religion & Politics

In my life there no more important subjects in this world than the topics of religion and politics necessarily in that order. As a philosopher I know that these two topics are at the core of each human person. In the culture that we as Americans find ourselves in these days we are faced with a growing number of people that tout as the cause of humanity anything but those two basic principles of our human nature to help save what is left of our ailing society. To approach another and enter into the discussion of those things that really matter (religion and politics) as opposed to soccer, major league baseball, and the eating habits of Hollywood's toothpick posterchildren is considered conversation best left to internal dialogue. God forbid that you might not agree on a subject. And yet worse, someone may try to convert you to their point of view - what shameful behavior.

I would submit that the cause of this glut of political correct speak is at its core caused by the divorce of faith and reason. I would not claim that it is because we live in a hyper-sensative society or that most people are so uninformed on these two subjects that conversation rarely goes beyond the learning level of a third grade Sunday School student but rather it is because faith has become united to the passions (emotions) and to discuss religion is to pluck on the tender heart strings of an emotionally unbalanced bison.

As for politics - it is no surprise that this too brings out the worst reaction in individuals. Politics in America has taken on the role of religion. For some of the more notable characters it has replaced religion all together. Instead of hearing a sermon on the faith, devotees dedicate their lives to talk radio, 24 hour news channels, news blogs, and the New York Times. Instead of sacraments the deity is encountered by book signings and poll watching. And replacing the worship of God there is found the worship of whatever animal symbolizes the political affiliation that one currently finds the most expedient and its platform policies are espoused are as the Gospel - and bedamned with the rest.

If politics is the religion of today and religion and faith are based on emotional grounds of shifting sand then it is no wonder why the PC police are listening in to every spoken word waiting to testify in the next "unfriendly workspace" suit taken up in the courts. There was a time when people were rational and were able to discuss the matters of great import with fervor and respect, one to the other, to bring about a true and lasting synthesis to a noble cause. I fear that today we find a situation in place that if it were not for the oppression of law that the fate of Aaron Burr would be the fate of us all.


At Tuesday, July 19, 2005 7:06:00 PM, Blogger pny said...

Good opinion

At Tuesday, July 19, 2005 8:07:00 PM, Blogger Ryan Medinski said...

I disagree.

It would seem that nobody has given up religion for politics, but has instead merged the two. Those that want to knock down the walls separating church and state want to rip apart the fabric of our society. And it's strange, because "fundamentalists" seem to be in a holy battle to control all three branches of the government, the airwaves, and my head.

At Tuesday, July 19, 2005 11:01:00 PM, Blogger Adam said...

Religion has always been a big part of politics. Anything that powerful will always have a hand in politics.

I think though, that both are becoming less a feature of our lives. People are more dispondent with both and are getting better at rolling with the punches and concentrating on their own lives.


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