Sunday, August 14, 2005

To What End

To steal a word from my days at Texas A&M I was cogitating the other day concerning the faith in general and why I remain a member of those who seemingly keep themselves beholden to rules of conduct even when impulses urge (scream) to follow another path. I was contemplating as to whether all this is worth it or not. For those who are more theologically minded I did not doubt the faith but rather wondered if it was worth the effort. I am sure that for many people this is a situation that they find themselves in on many an occasion.

It seems that in figuring on this simple proposition there are many things that pass by the synaptic corridors. The first is of course of the lower passions that are yet ungoverned by reason who exclaim with all their might that man is no more than a animal that walks upright. These passions claim that it is of the natural order that I indulge myself in all the base urges that they can extrapolate from their emotionally charged stew. While in theory this is the easiest internal argument to win it is, oddly enough, the one that requires the greatest will power to overcome. The ease in discounting this urge is found in the simple yet profound definition of man given by the ancient Greeks. Man is not merely an animal but is rather a "rational-animal." The addition of a single word inserts a chasm of infinite distance between us as man and the most intelligent of the beasts because only man is rational. Rationality gives man one thing that dashes the hopes of the base passions that man (I) will indulge in their whimsical urges - freedom. While the true definition of freedom is lost on the current generation of people in western civilization (which is to be a later topic to be taken up) I can say with the whole of my rational being that I am able to choose the moral good and am not bound to follow my impulses as if I were a dog, cat or duckbilled platypus.

Another portion of my person claims that the faith is just too hard to maintain and that it seems to be unaccepting of modern issues and that Christ placed the bar so high that it is impossible to attain His set goals. But, of course I then go back to thinking of more rational things because all in all these arguments against the faith are really just bi-products of my own sloth. However, not conforming to the times is a legitimate argument until one realizes that truth is truth and is not subject to time or culture (this too will be a topic taken up at a later time). So, in effect there points are pointless in and of themselves.

When all the little arguments have been exhausted and all of them have been found wanting there still remains the old faithful question that has been around since time immemorial. What if God doesn't really exist? But of course Paschal has the answer to that one. And as anyone knows the betting man always chooses to believe that there is a God because it is the only sure bet around and the consequences are dire. But more importantly there comes a time in a persons journey of faith that to deny the truth of God and the faith is no longer an option because aside from being able to prove to ones self that they are doing the greater good or following the higher path there is something else that motivates their perseverance in the faith. To fall away from the faith would be to fall out of love with the Lover himself and once one has experienced the love of God in their lives - not some trite emotional experience sold by televangelists - then to permanently turn away from Him would be as clawing out ones veins. There comes a point where you just know and when that point is met there is nothing (save ones self) that can separate you from God. For those who do not know of what I am speaking I urge perseverance in the faith and in time you will understand because you will know that God is Love and that Love is in it for you alone.


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